About Us

Our team combines expertise from the fields of Agronomy and Molecular Biology with Business skills. We draw on the experience of plant research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), particularly focused on the use of plants for food and medicine. That experience, along with our dedication to quality and unmatched attention to detail, ensure that we are able to provide some of the highest quality plant products available on the market today.

Our range of high-quality natural herbs and greens for food are offered under our registered trademark, Deliplant ®, (www.deliplant.se) which is owned by the company Grönovation

Our Team

Sarosh Ramachandra Bejai (PhD, PMP)

CEO Sarosh is founder and CEO of the company. He is a researcher and specialist in agronomy and molecular biology with more than fourteen years of experience at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

Detlef Clöwe

Director of Marketing and Sales He has a long experience from starting up and running businesses in Sweden and abroad. His has a background from Uppsala and Lund Universities.

Staffan Matzén

CTO Technology wizard and has a master’s degree in agronomy from SLU. He is our Director of Innovation & Technology.

Ylva Friheden

Chief of Operations Ylva is our Chief of Operations. She has also a degree in agronomy from SLU

In addition to the operational team there is also great support from members of

Our Board

Henrik Landgren

Chairman of the board From SLU Holding where he is supporting innovation and start-ups coming out of research from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Mathias Blob

Board member CEO Karolina Ventures. Mathias expertise is in business development.

Jane Bao Jeppsson

Board member CEO of In-Nordic. Jane is originally from Shanghai and is an expert in the field of international trading and investments.

Rashmi Ramachandra (PhD)

DEPUTY BOARD MEMBER Rashmi’s expertise is in biotechnology and health economics.