3500 participants

On June 4 we participated in a Chinese online pitch event with over 3500 participants world wide. Amazing and promising!


We are now able to provide a new product on the Swedish market in our line of medicinal plants, the Ice Plant. It is attractive, with fleshy green leaves covered with small fibers, causing them to sparkle like ice in the sun.

According to scientific research the Ice Plant contains several beneficial ingredients to your health. The Ice Plant, also called Ice Salad, has a very positive effect when it comes to controlling the level of blood sugar. The salad has a insulin-like function and serves therefore very well as food supplement. 

We are specializing in herbs and greens as superfood and food supplement. 

The 100 best inventions of 2019

Time Magazine has recently chosen the 100 best innovations of 2019 that are improving the world in some way. Among them is an agri-tech company with a farming system similar to ours, however we believe our system to be smarter and much more cost effective.

New partner

We are working together with Sweden’s leading fruit and vegetable wholesaler, Grönsakshallen Sorunda, to develop new and exclusive products for their customers.

NHL Ltd China

We are developing our automation system and robots in conjunction with our Chinese partner, NHL Ltd. Our goal is reducing costs for our smart city farming program to create more cost-effective solutions for the technology, ultimately benefitting end users.