The Swedish University of Agricultural Science’s holding company, SLU Holding was established to assist researchers in bringing to market any new developments that have the potential to make a difference to society. SLU Holding is also a founder and part-owner of Eko Grönovation AB.

Offering direct investment itself, and also acting as a vehicle to connect companies to suitable investors, Karolina Ventures is dedicated to helping companies achieve growth and success. We are co-founders and part-owners of Eko Grönovaton AB.

In-Nordic AB is a broker who liaises between Chinese investors and Swedish start-ups. Providing assistance for Swedish companies looking to enter the Chinese market, In-Nordic is part-owner of Eko Grönovation AB.

We have worked with this leading Swedish wholesaler of fruit and vegetables since the end of 2019.

Providing a high-quality, interesting meeting place where we can connect with fellow researchers and industry entrepreneurs for inspiration and collaboration. A space that is at the front line of the green revolution.

We are always looking for new partners

As a company undergoing rapid growth, we are always looking for new partners both in Sweden and globally. If you are interested in our range of quality products or cutting-edge technology and its application, please get in touch today to discuss your ideas or needs.