We create a climate for growing plants free from the contaminants normally found in soil, water and air. Our plants grow in a biologically natural material, in a clean and closed facility.

We continuously monitor and control the environment through real-time data monitoring and data accumulated is being used as a input for developing artificial intelligence driven system. The result is a nutrient enhanced high-quality product grown in a sustainable environment.
Our precision growing technology has significant advantages over traditional farming methodologies, including:

Optimal Nutrition

Plants are continually monitored, allowing us to provide individual plants with the perfect blend of micro and macro nutrients they need for optimal growth.

Intelligent lighting

We use energy efficient LED lighting, to deliver specific light frequencies that are calibrated to promote the most efficient photosynthesis in plants.

Environmentally Focused

Our LED light solution consumes low amounts of energy. We also use less water and nutrients thanks to our hydroponic technology. In addition, the elimination of pesticides lessens environmental impact.


Our vertical, environmentally friendly and flexible farming system is designed to utilize existing facilities. New facilities can be located close to customers to reduce transport needs.

Everything considered makes us convinced that our farming technology is extremely smart, cost effective and sustainable! Our modular growing facility is the fusion of best in crop science and automation driven by cloud-based monitoring system.