Grönovation is a Agritech and Biotech company based on the successful commercial transformation of 12-year’s research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet).

The implementation of a fully automated vertical farming system has allowed us to design unique growing practices through precise and controllable cultivation processes. This increased control over the plant growing process provides the crops with higher nutritional value, with the ability to produce high-quality Supergreens and functional foods. As a result of our highly precise and space use efficient growing technology, high level of bioactive compounds are achieved in the plants we produce. This makes our products excellent raw materials for extracting active compounds for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in addition to the use as food.

Global Challenge

Agriculture accounts for 80-90% of freshwater consumption and 24% of global GHG emissions.

A quarter of all food, is wasted from “farm to fork”, and 8% of the loss occurs in the upstream value chain.

Agri-food systems contribute significantly to soil erosion and pollution because of fertilizers, pesticides, deforestation and over- irrigation. The International Food Policy Research Institute indicates that 5 to 10 million hectares of cropland are lost annually to severe degradation, and that declining yields can be expected over a much larger area.

Over 80 % of fruits and greens consumed in Sweden are imported, accompanied with climate damaging side effects like excess packaging, transportation, storing and cooling.

Leaves and herbs are used since ancient times to manufacture herbal medicines.

Despite their old heritage, they are now gaining great popularity due to the changing consumer trends of using natural products rather than synthetic ones. The demand for phytomedicines & herbal plant extracts is snowballing considerably in various applications, health care, including skincare, nutraceuticals, functional food, and cosmetics, due to the rising awareness of its health benefits among consumers.

Due to the continuous increase in market demand, the raw materials of plant extract products are facing the over-picking of wild resources that are on the verge of extinction. Because of the pollution of the soil and growth environment, heavy metals in the products are excessive and the nutrients are lacking, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed.

The plant extraction industry has an urgent need for the sustainable production of raw materials.

Grönovation- sustainable cultivation for better life

Our solutions

Gronovation perfectly combines precise and automated agriculture and biotechnology, including vertical farming technology, artificial intelligence, data analysis and crop science to optimize agricultural decision-making in everything from fertilizer, irrigation to harvest practices.

Grönovation’s technology has completely changed people’s dependence and influence on the environment and climate, realizing the possibility of self-sufficiency. Not only has it promoted a substantial increase in yield, but it can also plan production capacity and varieties, improve product quality, and protect the health of humans and ecosystems.

Vertical Farming

Grönovation’s vertical farming technology produces plants indoors in vertical growing modules, using highly efficient LED lights and with full control over the growing conditions.

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The Grönovation fully automatic plant growth system greatly reduces labor requirements.

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Precision Growing System

Grönovation integrates data analysis with crop science in order to make informed decisions that mediate optimal plant growth.

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Latest news

17 augusti, 2021

Grönovation is glad to be selected for the EIT FAN 2021 Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack funded by the EU

10 maj, 2021

We are very happy to announce that EKO grönovation AB has been awarded a place on the IVA 100-list 2021

The IVA 100-list 2021 highlights a variety of research projects from Swedish universities in the field of crisis preparedness. We… Read more